Friday, September 16, 2011

You Better Belize It.

Hi All,

When I had the good fortune of visiting Belize in February 2010, I was struck by the openness and welcoming attitude of its people and the beauty of the country. I was also struck by the rich possibilities for teaching and researching geography and GIS with local communities.

So I am heading back to Belize...once in February 2012 for a quick 5 day visit...and here is the fun part....with 12 students for 10 days in May 2012. We will be learning more about the nation's social and physical geographies while applying GIS and mapping to geographic issues in local communities. We will partner with and learn from local organizations and communities to map and analyze their needs. It is going to be an amazing educational adventure. I hope you can join us...either on the trip or on this blog.

13 geographers in a tropical's bound to be an amazing educational the local tour guides say, "You Better Belize It!"

More soon, Tim